Some types of text, especially in the field of marketing, should be translated in a creative manner using transcreation rather than word for word. There are several reasons for this:

In the first place, transcreation is far more than just the transfer of words from one language to another. With some texts, it’s not enough to ‘only’ translate them. Creative texts must be adapted to the language, culture and expectations of the target group. What is understood to be an up-to-date sales tactic in one language, might be perceived as an insult in another. What sounds funny in German, might have negative connotations in Russian. A well-meant English title might mean a complete lack of understanding and furrowed brows all round when translated into German. Transcreation is all about the reaction of the target group to your text.

We will advise and inform you whether your source material will work in other cultural circles, or whether you will need to have it creatively reworked. It is often early on during the project meeting, that you discover you need to rethink a concept for a specific market. We can inform you about cultural differences so that you can make a great impression instead of harming your brand.

Our transcreations are compelling, original and smart so that you get the desired reaction from your audience. For this, we employ translators who have the necessary expertise and cultural experience. But most importantly, we work with translators who can write in a creative manner.

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