Our main focus is making sure the quality requirements of our most demanding customers from all over the world and from all sectors of the economy, as well as translation agencies, (albeit out of sight!) are satisfied.

Our quality assurance process forms a triangle: experienced translators, a systematic way of working, and state of the art tools.

Experienced translators

We only work with the best industry experts. We provide regular training for them. To achieve the quality goals, we make certain of their qualifications, further training options, skills and experience.

State of the art tools

We use professional tools during the translation process, which point out typos, wrong numeration and punctuation, missing text, etc.

A systematic way of working

Our systematic approach, which is the result of many years of experience in the field of translation, means improved quality and consistency in all translation projects. Our quality management makes sure there are immediate corrective and preventative measures, all of which lead to the constant objective improvement of our services.

By taking into account all of the aspects mentioned above, we are able to follow this guiding principle:

“A good translation is an unnoticed translation.”

Our Principles

  • We only accept projects that fall within our areas of expertise.
  • We use CAT tools to ensure the consistency and completeness.
  • We talk to the customer about the projects.
  • We try to get as much information about the target audience as possible.
  • We research the target group and use the knowledge to optimise the translations.
  • We use our sophisticated project management system, which ensures that deadlines are respected and all employees are supported during the translation and proofreading process.
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