Phase 1: Preparation

As soon as all of the necessary information is available, the project will be prepared for translation.  This includes the review and analysis of files, preparation of instructions (the project manager needs to fully understood the instructions so that they help and advise the translators when necessary), compilation of all important information and – if necessary – preparation of the files for use with a CAT tool. Then, our project manager selects the correct linguists for the particular language combination and area of expertise from our translator database.

Phase 2: Realisation

The actual translation

Our translator translates the source text into the target language in accordance with the customer’s instructions. Our goal is the best possible translation.


If the customer wishes to use the so-called 4-eyes-translation method, then proofreading will be undertaken by a native linguist who is also a specialist in the relevant field.

Phase 3: Post production and delivery

Final in-house inspection. An assessment overview of the project will be carried out. This checklist covers consistency, completeness, numbers and values, orthography and making sure that the customer’s instructions have been followed. At this stage, we hand over the project to you.